Taprite Stainless Steel Sanke Keg Beer Tap - D-Style

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The D-Style beer tap is the most commonly-used keg coupler in the U.S. If you’re going to serve commercial draft beer that was made in the US and is dispensed from your standard American sanke keg, this is the style tap you’ll need.
American-made by Taprite, this coupler is constructed from stainless steel and features a lock-down mechanism that produces a satisfying “click” when engaged. Its heavy-duty construction is designed to withstand frequent commercial use, so you know it’ll last for years at home. The 304 stainless body and probe will provide a more reliable life span compared to its nickle-plated counterpart. Features a built-in pressure relief valve for safety. 
To dispense beer, gas is pushed into the keg through the tap’s side port and the beer exits through the top port. 
The tail piece, hex nut or gasket for dispensing beer out of the top port must be purchased separately. We offer a pre-made kit with a 1/4” tailpiece (D1720B), as well as a range of other tailpiece sizes to match whatever diameter beer line you’re using.

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