Recipe Kit - 5 Gallon Extract - American Brown Ale

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Color will be somewhere in the brown spectrum, ranging from a light tannish/amber to a darker almost black mud color. Head is bone colored to light khaki with low to medium volume.


Rather more dark malt character in the aroma then either of the English brown ales, but should not enter the realm of being “Porteresque.” Richly sweet in its malt character it can contain notes of caramel, chocolate; be nutty, and/or toasty. As with most Americanized versions of beer styles this one is likely to have more hop aroma, but should still remain below mid-level. One or both citrusy American hop and dry-hopped aromas are optional to the style. Fruity esters should remain low and the hops and malts should balance. 


A medium to med-full body should be expected with moderately high carbonation. The hoppier examples may come across as drying. Some alcohol warmth may be noted in stronger verisons.


Taste should be balanced between malt and hop components. Mid to high malty flavors with chocolate, toast, and caramel common. Mid to medium high hop bitterness with a following light to somewhat modest hop flavor with the possibility of citrusy American hop character. A medium dry finish builds a balanced aftertaste of both malty sweetness and hoppy bitterness. Unlike the English Browns this will have very low to only moderate fruity esters. 

This kit contains all the ingredients you'll need to brew your own 5 gallon American Brown Ale.

*Please Note: This kit only includes the recipe ingredients. Equipment sold separately.