Recipe Kit - 5 Gallon Extract - American Amber Ale

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Color should be somewhere in the range of amber but this can range from a copper into the beginning hues of red. A large off-white head should persist fairly well, while the beer should be quite clear, unless dry hopped, which can create some haze.


Moderate maltiness can balance or even hide the hop aromas depending on hop presentation. This malt will often carry a slight caramel quality. Hop aroma can be low to mid-range and will depend heavily on the late kettle additions and if the beer was dry hopped.


Pushed by moderate to high carbonation, body will run a smooth medium to medium-full. Stronger versions may bring some alcohol warmth to the palate.


American Amber brings a nice balance of hop and malt. Malt flavors will be medium bordering on strong, with malty sweetness at the front, transforming into moderate caramel or roast flavors further on. Possible other character malt flavors can present also, depending on specialty malts used, but should stay pretty low profile. Moderate to higher hop flavors showcase American varieties and, often, the citrusy quality many of these varieties are known for. 

This kit contains all the ingredients you'll need to brew your own 5 gallon American Amber Ale.

*Please Note: This kit only includes the recipe ingredients. Equipment sold separately.