Recipe Kit - 5 Gallon All Grain - English IPA

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Historically, English breweries exported a variety of beer styles to colonies across the British empire. But shipping ales to troops stationed in India was a particular challenge in an age when the journey took months and every cask contained wild Brettanomyces yeast. To withstand the voyage, Pale Ales were tweaked to be maltier, higher in alcohol content, and hoppier, as hops are a natural preservative. Historians believe that IPA was then watered down for the troops, while officers and the elite would savor the beer at full strength. Over time, taxation has caused the English IPA to assume a lower alcohol. The leaner the brew the less malt is required, and less is the need for a strong hop presence, which would easily put the brew out of balance. Expect earthy, floral English hop character and a malt profile defined by notes of biscuit, toast, and toffee. 

Batch Size: 5 Gal.  |  Recipe Type: Extract  | Brew Time: 3 Hrs  |  OG: 1.062  |  Alc. By Vol. 6.2%  | IBU: 50 |