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Chocolate Brown Ale Brewery Pouch

Mangrove Jack's Chocolate Brown Ale Recipe:
Sweet and malty in taste with rich fruit and brown sugar aroma.  Leaves you with a delicious nutty aftertaste.

Great beer kit for starting out,  Makes 6 gallons of beer!  you will need to add 2 lbs of Amber Dry Malt Extract or Amber liquid malt extract.

ABV Approx. 4.1%
Bitterness: IBU 26-34
Bitterness rating 2/5
Color Approx: Mahogany

Comes with: Newcastle Dark Ale Yeast 10 g
Makes: 23 L
NET WEIGHT: 2.2 kg (4.8 lb)

NOTE: This variant requires an additional 1 kg of dextrose.

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