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Citra Hops - 1oz

Citra Hop Pellets - 1 oz Package


 Developed by Hop Breeding Company and released in 2007. Citra® Brand HBC 394 features fairly high alpha acids and total oil contents with a low percentage of co-humulone. It is tolerant to downy mildew and powdery mildew with good pickability of dense, medium sized cones. Comprised of Hallertau Mittelfrüh, US Tettnang, Brewer's Gold and East Kent Golding. Aroma: Specific aroma descriptors include grapefruit, melon, lime, gooseberry, passion fruit and lychee.
Alpha Acid: 11 - 15%

Beta Acid: 
3 - 4.5%

Total Oil: 1.5 - 3 mL/100g

Collections: Hops

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