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Homebrew Calculators

Brewer's Friend

We use brewers friends at our store, and we think their calculators are great.  Below you will find brewers friend's recipe generator as well as plenty of other calculators.  Have fun, Cheers!

Homebrew Recipe Generator

Brewers friend is a great online recipe generator.  You can be creative, play around with different inputs to see what your beer will turn out to be.  We use this program in our store and we recommend it.  It is very user friendly!

ABV Calculator

The ABV Calculator by Brewers Friend will quickly give you an idea of what your ABV (Alcohol By Volume) is.  You'll need your (OG) original gravity reading before fermentation and your (FG) final gravity reading before bottling / kegging. 

Hydrometer Temperature Compensation Calculator

Accurate hydrometer readings happen at 60 degree's, however when pulling hydrometer readings throughout the brewing process, wort is typically never at 60 degrees.  This calculator will let you know what your true readings are at any temperature.

Bitterness Calculator

The bitterness calculator by Brewers Friend will help you understand what your IBU's will be without having to generate a complete recipe to find out.  This is a quick tool to gauge bitterness.

Dry Malt vs Liquid Malt Conversion Calculator

Some recipes you have will use dry malt extract, some will use liquid malt extract, and others will use a combination of both.  Depending on what you have access to, this conversion calculator will help you determine what you need to use if you are replacing one for the other.  Dry malt extract will have more points of gravity / weight since it has only a 1% water content, as opposed to liquid malt extract which has a 10% water content.