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Custom Recipe Ordering

Have us build your own homebrew recipe!

We have a lot of recipes that we can make for you, but if you want to brew your own recipe typically you'll order everything individually, but the problem for some is our grains come in 1lb increments.  Well we can fix that.  Review all of our ingredients that we have in stock and put together your recipe, and email it to us.  We will build your exact recipe and mail it to you, or have it ready for you to pick up in our store.  If you pick it up in our store, there won't be any shipping costs.  If you want us to ship it to you, our shipping costs are as low at $5.00.  Once you have your recipe all together email it to the following address:

Email us your custom order now

We have also partnered with Brewer's Friend, which is a great recipe generation tool.  They offer a ton of homebrewing calculators as well as recipe generators.  When you sign up with them you'll be able to search all their recipes in their database, which is thousands of recipes.  A great program, and it is very user friendly.  check out our resources page below to see what they offer. 

 Homebrew Recipe Generator and Calculators