Clarity Ferm

Clarity Ferm

Clarity Ferm now at 1st Republic Homebrew

We just received our 1st shipment of Clarity Ferm from White labs.

Clarity Ferm is added to primary fermentation with yeast, and it serves two purposes.

First it helps to eliminate chill haze from beers that are stored cold for extended periods of time. 

Secondly and most importantly it helps to reduce the gluten in beers.  For an item to be classified as gluten free it has to have less then 20 ppm.  White Labs have tested many beers with Clarity Ferm, and on average beers tested to have less then 10 ppm.  White Labs markets Clarity Ferm as a gluten reducer because results my vary, but if used per the manufacturers specifications it should greatly reduce the gluten in beers.

This is great for people who react adversely to gluten or those who want to reduce gluten from their diet.  pick it up now at 1st Republic Homebrew, click here for Clarity Ferm.

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